First blog post

Hello, my name is Ambar. This is my very first post on this blog.

What is about this blog?

This blog i decading to share my random experience or just information about some place in my country, Indonesia. Cause i think, if you heard Indonesia you must remembered Bali or Jakarta. But for me, Indonesia have many wonderful place, not just two of them. im not pro traveler, nor pro photographer, and nor pro travel blogger too, im still learn. So if you have advice for me dont hesitate to tell me.

Why i start creating this blog?

Why? because if i want to go to a destination, i always collected some information from book or site about anything that place. like: where must to go, what things to do, must to try for food and restaurant, transportation, distance between the place, weather, culture (manners first), and more. so i try to help you, reader. not much but i’ll try.

Where’s place to i sharing?

Indonesia. but not always, sometimes i traveled cross country but rarely. very very rarely. and suit with my interest  that time. or maybe my plan for next journey.

When i travel?

when i had the money and enough time, eather low season or peak season.

What kind of my travel style?

eeemmh, for schedule sometimes fix schedule sometimes unschedule, sometimes with tour too. for budget, cheap – midrange. im not rich, reader. sometimes backpacks sometimes briefcases. private or open trip no problem. hehehe

With whom? Group or solo?

of course group, eather 2 or more. Because im not enough bravely to be solo traveler, must with someone, can: friend, family, or strangers.

enjoy reader!! hope this blog help you.


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